Heather Howell


My son Elijah has spent this past school year doing your art classes every Thursday after school! He literally counts the days till each class! Out of all the activities he has been involved in I have never seen him so captured and hooked on anything like I have with Ecocreations!
The work you teach is incredible and the projects they do are AMAZING!
As a parent, I couldn’t ask for better people to teach and run Ecocreations for our son! You all are the BEST! So creative and personable.
I can’t wait for my other kids to be old enough to be a part of your art lessons! Thank you for inspiring our son and bringing his passion for art to life in every level! There are no words to express how incredible you and your business is and what an impact it is in our sons life! I look forward to seeing what he creates each week and I love hearing him teach ME the details and information about what he learns!