About Us

Eco Creations is a mobile art company, founded by two sisters who share a passion for both art and an eco-friendly lifestyle.  Combined, both Monisha and Natasha Van Der Kamp have more than a decade’s worth of experience working with children.  They not only encourage their students to create beautiful artwork, but they also urge them to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Kids will learn how to create beautiful masterpieces, using low VOC paint and eco friendly materials when available.  Through Eco Creations we can create a healthier, more sustainable future, for today’s precious artists. Let’s reduce our carbon footprint, together.  Book us for your next art lesson, birthday party, baby shower, or sip & paint night.  You name the event, and we will come to you!

Natasha Van Der Kamp

Natasha Van Der Kamp graduated from Florida Atlantic University, with a B.A in Art Education (K-12) and a Minor in Elementary Education (K-6). With her strong passion for art, Natasha encourages students to not only explore their creative side, but to also learn about the history of art.  She firmly believes that incorporating art early on in a child’s development will ultimately aid in their growth. Natasha currently teaches 2D art and painting, in the Palm Beach School District.

Monisha Van Der Kamp

Monisha Van Der Kamp graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Business Administration degree, majoring in both Marketing and Finance. She has been a child care giver and tutor, since the age of 14, and has a strong passion for maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle. Monisha believes that creating a safer and cleaner future for today’s youth is of vast importance.