Cold Press Juicing


For several years, I became accustomed to using traditional centrifugal juicers and blenders to create simple fresh juices and smoothies. After researching the benefits of juicing for my organic lifestyle, I realized that traditional juicers generate a lot of heat and, as a result, damage the essential nutrients and enzymes present during the blending process. It was then that I became aware of the cold press juicing method. Cold press juicers use less heat, because they do not use fast spinning blades. This low heat process of cold pressing leaves the nutrients and enzymes, present in the fruits and vegetables, intact and undamaged. Ever since learning about cold pressing, I have become a huge fan of cold pressed juice, and its renovating and detoxifying benefits. For those of you that cannot stand the taste of greens, juicing is a great alternative. It not only boosts your immune system and strengthens your bones, it also lowers blood pressure and protects against cancer. Combining fruits with veggies will help hide some of the potent taste of greens, that some of you do not enjoy.


I have recently noticed an abundance of juice bars in South Florida. Most of these juice bars, feature fresh cold pressed juice, but several do not use organic produce. During my search for an organic juice bar, I recently came across “Raw Juce”. This juice bar features organic, raw, cold pressed juices. I was thoroughly impressed with the broad selection of choices. For those of you who do not mind the strong taste of greens I suggest you try “Raw Green”, which contains parsley, spinach, broccoli, kiwi, lemon and ginger. For others of you that do not like greens, “Red Rainbow” and “Berry Peary Chia” juices will give you several essential nutrients, without the green taste. This juice bar even has several immune system boosters including my favorite, the “flu shot”, which will help kill toxins and strengthen your immune system. “Raw Juce” has several cleanse treatments, for those of you looking to lose weight, restore your digestive system, and regenerate your immune system.  Juicing is a great start to an organic lifestyle.  If you do not have a cold press juicer, I suggest you check out this local juice bar and enjoy the broad selection!


raw juiceRaw Juce Location: 2200 Glades Road
Glades Plaza
Suite 403
Boca Raton, FL 33431